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For a customer who initially didn’t do a lot with onboarding, the University of Dayton has realized a lot of value in updating their process to use the onboarding capabilities in PeopleAdmin SelectSuite®. Jennifer Duwel, the Employment Manager for the University of Dayton, was gracious enough to talk with us about how they have automated and streamlined their process.  

Emails that Prepare and Inform

As Jennifer explains, the University’s onboarding process starts when an applicant accepts a verbal offer. “Our welcome email includes a checklist that outlines what we need prior to the first day, on the first day, and then into the first 30 to 90 days of employment.” From that point forward, they send reminder emails about new hire paperwork, such as the I-9 form, with links to online forms for ease of reference.

The emails also include links to training videos, and more information on topics such as:

  • Benefits orientation
  • How to enter time and paid leave
  • HR’s purpose, services they provide, and a link to the HR website

Events Tailored to Employee Types

Employees’ paperwork, training, and other needs depend on the type of job – so the University of Dayton created customized onboarding events for each group: new research institute employees, new university employees, and internal applicants.  “Obviously they don’t need all the same paperwork and information. Based on what type of new hire it is, we select that event. That provides a list of tasks for that group.”

Future Plans

Like most processes, there is always room for growth and adaptation. With her experience in PeopleAdmin onboarding, Jennifer is contributing to a committee that is reviewing the University’s overall onboarding program. She cites a recent example of the committee’s work: “We’re looking to add an email about sexual harassment prevention training. We’re also going to add emails about our policies and procedures, with links to our handbook.” To ensure these efforts’ success, they ask new hires and employees whether they received all the information they needed, and how HR can most effectively get that information to them. “Not to completely inundate them,” Jennifer clarifies, “but to get them what they need to feel comfortable.”

Common Ground

When Jennifer participated in our Onboarding panel at PeopleConnect 2014, she didn’t expect how much common ground the panelists and attendees shared. “We have a lot of the same challenges. It was nice to be able to share information and feedback.” We’re looking forward to hearing more from Jennifer and the University of Dayton as they continue to develop their onboarding process!

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