Former director of academic affairs shares 3 steps to help you put your best foot forward with new faculty

Hiring the right faculty members is key to achieving the higher education mission, which is why colleges and universities invest time and money attracting top candidates … but once a position is accepted, many institutions greet new hires with inefficient onboarding processes and stacks of paperwork, rather than a positive first impression that lays the foundation for faculty retention and satisfaction.

Success Story: Ithaca College

When Brian K. Dickens, Ph.D., vice president of human resources, joined Ithaca College in New York, leaders at the institution were in the process of choosing a new talent management solutions provider … and Brian knew exactly who to choose.

Records and process management in higher education

Many higher education faculty affairs professionals rely on technically immature records and process management techniques.

Closing the gender pay gap, and other benefits of a position management solution designed for higher education

According to CUPA-HR, “the higher education pay gap for administrators roughly mirrors the overall U.S. pay gap,” with female administrators earning approximately 80 cents on the dollar in 2016, compared to men.

Poor position management hinders fair and defensible hiring and compensation practices … here’s how to overcome it

According to University of Arizona (UA) Technical Expert Chris Wolf, developing fair and defensible hiring and compensation practices is difficult without easily accessible, accurate, and up-to-date job descriptions … and without technology designed to help higher education institutions manage positions.