Meeting evolving talent management challenges with a responsive, user-friendly solution

As with any journey, it’s often those who travel with the best equipment and most skilled companions who reach their destination successfully. Growing Appalachian State University (App State) — on a recent mission to improve its talent management processes — is no exception.

PeopleAdmin Connections Higher Ed – Issue 4

You may have seen the exciting news…PeopleAdmin has acquired TeacherMatch, a recognized talent management leader and innovator in teacher effectiveness and student achievement for K-12. Why should this matter to higher education? Because it could change its future.

A partnership to revolutionize student achievement

If we’ve learned anything over the past few months through our Inspired2Educate program, it’s this: there is absolutely no one in a better position to bring positive change into our world every day than a great teacher.

Embracing the opportunity to say thanks to educators

As PeopleAdmin prepares to present this month’s winner of the Inspired2Educate program and honor yet another teacher, administrator or school staff member for sharing their story about the educator who inspired them, I’m still struck by the power of education to fundamentally change lives for the better.

Tarleton’s challenge: Finding the right technology in general, and the right onboarding tool in particular

‘We weren’t surprised when we couldn’t find any other talent management solution that fit higher education like PeopleAdmin.’