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Looking for community college hiring best practices that align with your mission statement or just ways to boost the efficiency of your daily operations? Check out our resources below for insight on the latest tips and tricks, industry trends and the role technology is playing at community colleges across the country.

Solutions for Community Colleges


SelectSuite® for Higher Education

Talent Management specifically designed to meet the unique needs of Higher Education. View Datasheet

More than 700 higher education institutions trust PeopleAdmin to reduce the cost, time and risk associated with a wide array of human resource processes, from recruitment strategy and talent acquisition, to developing and retaining valued employees. The PeopleAdmin’s SelectSuite® standardizes and simplifies your hiring practices, increasing the efficiency of your organization by automating specialized functions such as faculty recruiting and search committee management.

Community College Case Studies


“Access & Excellence: A Mission Statement To the Maximum”

San Diego Community College District

“With PeopleAdmin, the District benefits from a dramatic elevation in the service level the HR department provides to their internal customers. This is invaluable. It allows our internal customers to look forward to new initiatives without fear or resistance. We all benefit from the increased collaboration.” Erin Milligan-Hill, Director Employment & Professional Development


Success within Reach: Changing Behavior and Continuous Improvement

Tarrant County College District

“SelectSuite empowers us to drive the mission of providing accessible, high-quality learning experiences. The shortened time-to-fill allows us to meet the needs of the community more effectively and more efficiently.” Ebony Alexander, Director of Employee Recruitment, Human Resources

Hear it From a Peer Webcast featuring Community Colleges

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The Candidate Experience – “Communication is Key”, featuring Tarrant County College

The process of assimilation – the very heart of good onboarding – begins with the unity of an institution’s brand-awareness and how to position that brand in the market place to offer candidates a glimpse of what it’s like to be a part of that culture. Engaging and communicating to applicants and candidates throughout the sourcing and recruitment process is vital to fortifying a brand and having readily available, qualified applicants for current and future positions. View Webcast

In this webcast, you will learn about:

  • An overview of the recruiting and hiring processes/practices from sourcing to on-boarding at TCCD
  • Steps to effective communication for users and applicants
  • Sample communication tools to update individuals throughout the process

Ebony Alexander, Director of Employee Recruitment for Tarrant County College, has over 15 years of experience in sourcing and recruitment in multiple industries. She has presented to audiences on the successes and failures of the recruitment process from sourcing to onboarding. In addition to her role as Director, she also serves the District as an adjunct instructor.

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Hiring Best Practices to Maximize Efficiency, Increase Visibility, & Gain Strategic Insight, featuring San Diego Community College District

Learn how San Diego Community College District helped drive their core mission forward by transforming their hiring process to maximize efficiency, increase visibility & gain strategic insight across 10 campuses.


  • Erin Milligan Hill, Director of Employment & Professional Development, San Diego Community College District
  • Andrea Gonzales, Senior Human Resources Technician, San Diego Community College District
  • Brenda Valdez, Human Resources Technician, San Diego Community College District
  • Troy Winskowicz, VP of Product Development, PeopleAdmin


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“Automation isn’t Automatic!” How to Prepare for a Talent Management Solution, featuring Pima Community College

This session will examines how Pima Community College evaluated their own talent management processes, how they defined a better program for both applicants and employees, and offer some best-practice advice on how to prepare to get the most out of your talent management technology investment. View Webcast.

In this webcast, we will answer:

  • What should an organization do before choosing a talent management solution?
  • What should a talent management strategy look like?
  • What best practices should be considered?
  • How do those fit into the technology solution?

Rita Bowden, Human Resource Advanced Analyst, Pima Community College, Arizona

Villanova Webcast Image

“From Challenge to Opportunity” Preparing Contingent Faculty for Success, featuring Villanova

Hear how Villanova’s Human Resources & Academic Affairs departments teamed-up to create a unique candidate experience for contingent faculty and how they created efficient processes for searching, hiring, and onboarding the best talent, and how they continue to develop and retain that talent through performance evaluations. View Webcast

In this webcast you will hear about:

  • The Challenges They Faced and How They Addressed Them through Automation
  • The Current Process for How They Successfully Handle the Talent Management of Their Contingent Faculty
  • The Successful Outcome Based on Performance Evaluations from both the Respective Departments and from the Students

About our Guest Speakers from Villanova University:

  • Bev Das – Director, HRIS, Compensation & Employment, Villanova University
  • Craig Wheeland, Ph.D. – Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Professor, Department of Political Science, Villanova University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

About our Moderator from University of Southern California:

  • Daniel Maxey – Dean’s Fellow in Urban Education Policy at the University of Southern California’s Rossier School of Education and a Research Assistant for the Pullias Center for Higher Education


Looking for additional hiring best practices for community colleges or interested in the role PeopleAdmin can play in boosting your hiring efficiency? Contact us today or schedule a demo.