SelectSuite for Government Civil Service

SelectSuite® for Government

Civil Service

PeopleAdmin understands the complexity of merit-based hiring, and has developed a platform that reflects the way civil service hiring really works. Reduce staff time and ensure compliance with hiring regulations by applying intelligent rules for qualifying and ranking applicants, manage managing eligible lists, and automating the certification process.
  • Applicants easily search for jobs and exams, apply and track their status on your agency’s custom-branded job website.
  • Configure the application processes to reflect your agency’s methods, including multiple position types plus exams announcements.
  • Enter test and assessment results or import the results from external systems, Include oral boards, written exams and preference points.
  • Configure minimum passing scores and weights for assessments, define rating criteria or assign review boards for panel reviews.
  • Applicants are automatically ranked, matched to positions, or eliminated – without time-consuming database queries or manual application reviews.
  • Submit requisitions, and generate eligible lists for multiple positions and departments. Freeze, extend, hold or expire eligible lists as needed.
  • Certify applicants to departments and specific vacancies based on your agency’s rules and set how many times an applicant can decline an offer before being removed from the department’s eligible list.
  • Workflows are fully configurable and rules for ranking and qualifying applicants are customized to reflect your process.