SelectSuite for Government Performance Management

SelectSuite® for Government

Performance Management

When performance reviews reflect the organization’s overall goals and set relevant expectations, employees are happier, more successful, and more productive. But managers, employees, and HR departments alike dread the review process, with its cumbersome, confusing forms and complicated instructions. PeopleAdmin’s Performance Management simplifies and automates the performance review process, making it easy to implement, execute, and monitor.
Program Management
  • Create formal review programs that best suit your organization, such as focal (e.g. Annual or quarterly), anniversary (e.g. hire date), and probationary reviews.
  • Automatically include the appropriate employees in review programs by setting eligibility rules based on factors such as organizational unit, position type, and start date.
  • Set start and end dates for each program, along with intermediate activities, to help proactively monitor progress, track resources and increase compliance.
  • Configure different evaluation forms across reviewer types to include individual and organizational goals, job duties and responsibilities, skills, and general questions. Ensure consistency by pushing objectives down through the organization and including objectives from previous forms.
  • Ensure a fair, consistent evaluation process using customizable scoring, weighting and calculation rules. Each factor is separately weighted to reflect the priorities of the organization and the individual.
  • Workflow and notifications help you maximize the benefits of program scheduling. Email reminders ensure timely response and automatically document milestones such as goal acknowledgement and certification of the final evaluation.

Capture every aspect of an employee’s performance, from manager ratings to comments from co-workers and the employee, as well as progress notes that sustain better communication over time, all accessed via a convenient employee portal.

  • Help managers gain a more complete picture of each employee with 360 (multi-rater) feedback and employee self-reviews. Configure multi-rater feedback to include ratings, comments, or both.
  • Allow feedback from co-reviewers if an employee has more than one supervisor. In matrixed reporting structures, co-reviewers’ feedback may carry the same weight, while in civil service organizations, a higher ranking supervisor’s ratings can be weighted more heavily.
  • Add progress notes and update goals throughout the year to help employees and managers keep track of events as they happen, instead of focusing only on recent activities.
  • Help employees and managers monitor open tasks via a simple, convenient, and confidential employee portal. Employees will have greater ownership over the review process and managers will appreciate the simple interface that guides even infrequent users through their tasks quickly.