SelectSuite® Reporting

SelectSuite® Reporting

SelectSuite Reports

Every organization needs reports – one kind of data mapped to another kind, with extraneous information filtered out and relevant information arranged in ways that make it simple to see the insights, patterns and trends you’re looking for. But most reporting solutions are hard – manually digging for data to enter into a spreadsheet, or working with a complicated, hard-to-use system, or sometimes, needing special database expertise to export, merge and manipulate the data into a comprehensive and digestible format. Yet, making decisions without data is just a guess. Gaining valuable insight from the reports is the goal. But how do you get there in an efficient, painless way?

Easier Reporting, Better Insights

ReportBuilder is an easy-to-use, scalable reporting functionality in PeopleAdmin SelectSuite that empowers new insights for HR departments. A reporting solution that’s simple and intuitive, and gives you access to the insights you need quickly and easily:

  • Expand visibility and acquire new insights
  • Uncover bottlenecks, so that you can optimize your processes and gain efficiency
  • Ensure and audit compliance
  • Identify centers of excellence
  • Identify potential training opportunities
  • Ensure consistency between departments
  • Make decisions that are informed and data-driven
  • Drive your mission statement forward with data

Your data, your way

Standard reports are helpful. But what if you need to look at additional data, or look at the data in a different way? Start with a standard report and make a few changes to put the spotlight on strategic insights that might elude you without the fine-tuning that ReportBuilder offers.

With standard reports and customization options, there are essentially millions of reports available to you, giving you visibility into your data like never before. And there’s no need to rely on experts to get the reports you need. With ReportBuilder, you are the expert. Design it. Run it. Done!

  • Library of standard reports that can be used immediately, without modification to meet your basic needs such as compliance reporting.
  • Simple design process: from standard reports to custom reports in four easy steps. Of the millions of possibilities, create exactly the report you need – in moments.
  • Preview your report in real time, with real data, at every step of the process, so you know exactly what your report will look like.
  • Field selector presents relevant data columns to add to each standard report, to add meaning while maintaining the strategic integrity of the report.
  • Targeted filtering, sorting, and grouping allow you to pinpoint the data that matters to you.
  • Export data in a variety of formats to work with it outside the system.
  • Sharing with safeguards – data permissions allow you to decide who should see each report.