SelectSuite for Higher Education Faculty Searches

SelectSuite® for Higher Education

Faculty Searches

PeopleAdmin is the solution overwhelmingly chosen to solve the most complex faculty hiring challenges, facilitating faculty adoption without compromising your staff hiring process. Engage in a secure, collaborative committee process that ensures the best candidates are given a chance to shine. Attract and hire world-class faculty to bolster your organization’s pursuit of its mission.
Search Committees and Reference Letter Collection
  • Create search committees, select committee members and designate a chairperson.
  • Allow committee members to add comments and rank candidates on customized evaluative criteria such as quality of experience and teaching philosophy.
  • Automatically calculate ranking results.
  • Portfolio materials are submitted electronically, so committee members can view all documents anywhere, anytime.
  • Submit and review confidential reference letters.
Adjunct Pools

Maintaining a qualified pool of applicants for frequently filled or adjunct positions is an ongoing challenge for many organizations. PeopleAdmin makes this process easier and more effective for hiring managers and applicants alike.

  • Maintain a qualified pool of applicants for adjunct faculty positions.
  • Enable potential candidates to monitor and refresh their applications online.
  • When a position becomes available, hiring managers simply begin the selection process.