SelectSuite for Higher Education Recruiting

SelectSuite® for Higher Education


Build the power of your employment brand and create efficient processes while identifying and engaging the best talent available.

Preparing effective postings, managing requisitions, and screening applicants are complex and time-consuming tasks. The PeopleAdmin Suite brings efficiency and automation to these critical processes.

  • Create, publish and manage job postings online.
  • Create new postings from previous job descriptions or templates, and schedule posting open and close dates.
  • Create workflows that match your organization’s requirements and support multiple paths for various hiring scenarios.
  • Maintain a library of screening questions to easily identify minimum and preferred qualifications.
  • Customize the requisition process to ensure the proper approvals are secured and the process is followed.
Job Descriptions and Posting Templates

Understand and document current staff responsibilities to address compliance requirements and make future hiring easier and more accurate.

  • Maintain an approved library of posting templates to make new postings effective and easy to create.
  • Create or import your organization’s job descriptions to ensure requisitions and postings accurately reflect the position to be filled.
Branded Job Portal

Your employment website often forms job seekers’ first impression of your organization. Make sure potential candidates can easily locate and search your listings with a clean, professional, and easy-to-use job portal that matches the look and feel of your organization’s website.

  • Enable human resources and hiring managers to easily post new positions online.
  • Candidates search and apply for jobs and efficiently manage applications, résumés, and other documents.
  • Broaden your reach and ensure that your listings appear where top candidates are looking by using social media tools plus integrations with our job board partners.
  • Ensure that all applicants can successfully search and apply for jobs with an accessible applicant portal that complies with ADA, WCAG and section 508 guidelines.
Screening Tools

Eliminate time-consuming and inconsistent applicant screening methods through our intelligent selection tools. PeopleAdmin’s screening methodology evaluates applicants on both subjective and objective criteria, ensuring that the best possible candidates are identified.

  • Create your own supplemental question bank to select the screening questions most applicable to each position.
  • Screening questions can help applicants self-select into the most appropriate jobs, and automatically eliminate less qualified applicants.
  • Automatically analyze answers to supplemental questions to identify qualified candidates.
  • Pre-qualify, assess, compare and rank candidates using data from both assessment results and supplemental screening questions.
Applicant Tracking

Manage the influx of applications at all stages of the hiring process by automating screening, tracking and communication.

  • Prescreen candidates and route candidates marked for special handling with unique workflow rules.
  • Search your candidate database to identify candidates from previous recruitments.
  • Manage all communications to hiring managers, approvers and applicants through automated emails and an easy-to-use email editor.
  • Speed up hiring through automated applicant communication and online portfolio review.
  • Email applicants individually or in groups, from initial contact all the way through offer management.
  • Enable internal reviews by identifying appropriate reviewers for each posting.
  • Create guest user accounts for online applicant review – and still easily print applicant documents for offline review or audit purposes.
Hiring Proposals

The hiring process doesn’t stop with selection of the right candidate. Making an offer and hiring a candidate can require additional steps, and delays can mean the loss of top candidates. PeopleAdmin helps you create an efficient process that ensures the hiring process continues smoothly.

  • Automate multiple approval steps to ensure offers are made in a timely manner.
  • Automatically document the submission and approval of salary and position changes.
  • Export the new hire data to HRIS systems through automated integrations.