Making the Business Case to Higher Ed to Always be Upgrading

What is it About Upgrading?

Surveys have shown that nearly half of all people don’t always upgrade software when prompted. This extends, of course, to institutions and organizations because, arguably, they are people too… But without a doubt, they are run by people.

Some time ago Skype and several other tech companies created “International Technology Upgrade Week” to educate us on the importance of keeping our software current. Upgrading, the reasoning goes, is a good way to introduce improvements and new features that continually increase our efficiency and bring more expertise to our work.

Studies say we don’t like to upgrade because we think is too complex, too time-consuming, too scary. Plus, it’s just plain difficult to get leadership buy-in and then everyone else on the same page — especially at, say, universities and colleges, which have many other challenges to deal with right now.

But if there’s ever a best way for schools to go about upgrading, Demetrius Byne, Director of Employment Services at Georgia State University, might have it. He initiated and led the process last year to upgrade GSU’s talent management system from PeopleAdmin’s SelectSuite 5.8 to SelectSuite 7.0 after six years on the older system.

“It’s all about the needs of the institution,” Demetrius said. “We did not have the money in our budget, but we knew we wanted a modern, more intuitive and user-friendly system. We convinced others how it would help the campus overall.”

There are unique advantages to upgrading to SelectSuite 7.0 — including better reporting and the future integration with mobile and analytics. Demetrius had other reasons, as well, including recent challenges with their existing data, and the need for a more intuitive, easy-to-use system, which the upgrade would provide.

Demetrius took a systematic, calculated, collaborative approach to the upgrade.

“One of the key things we did was we sold the idea to the Vice President of IT and IT folks,” he said. “When we got IT on board as a strategic business partner, the project began to move. Because when that Vice President of IT said, ‘We need to go in this direction,’ then the conversations changed; it was no longer this is what HR wants to do.”

That helped when Demetrius had to go before the President’s cabinet to make the case for a systemwide upgrade…

Learn how Demetrius built the business case for upgrading, and the immediate results of moving to a newer system, by downloading, “Building a business case for upgrading to SelectSuite 7.0: Convincing others that it’s in your institution’s best interest to upgrade your system.

And if you’re still exploring all the advantages of SelectSuite 7.0, request a demo today!

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