A partnership to revolutionize student achievement

If we’ve learned anything over the past few months through our Inspired2Educate program, it’s this: there is absolutely no one in a better position to bring positive change into our world every day than a great teacher.

It’s with that in mind that we are thrilled to announce today that PeopleAdmin has acquired TeacherMatch, an innovative K-12 software company offering the only data-driven, research-based and analytically predictive teacher assessment tool in the market.

Together, PeopleAdmin and TeacherMatch are revolutionizing teacher hiring and education talent management by transforming the way school districts hire, develop, grow and manage educators throughout the course of their professional life cycles.

By empowering schools and districts with innovative technology and predictive analytics, we help give students the best chance at success.

TeacherMatch is a strong and strategic complement to PeopleAdmin’s suite of solutions. With the strengths of TeacherMatch added to the already robust PeopleAdmin toolkit, we are now able to offer the only solution specifically designed to help school leaders focus on student achievement while improving operational efficiencies, minimizing risk, and organizing the entire talent management lifecycle.

Our merger is particularly exciting in that it heralds a major shift within the field of education. School leaders are looking to the kinds of technology and data intelligence our combined companies offer to help solve a range of human resource and talent management issues, starting with hiring high-quality teachers who are most likely to improve academic outcomes

TeacherMatch stands out by offering school leaders something entirely new: a way to assess the effectiveness of new teachers before they ever reach the classroom. Using the power of big data, TeacherMatch’s integrated, fully automated and analytically advanced system is designed to help assess, engage and develop highly effective educators who will positively impact student growth and academic achievement.

Aside from the services we provide, PeopleAdmin and TeacherMatch also have a shared focus on putting people first. It’s at the heart of what we do. Now, more than ever, we are united around the passion we have for recruiting, developing and supporting the best teachers and principals for our schools across North America.

We are excited to bring TeacherMatch into the PeopleAdmin family, and hope you will join us in wishing them a warm welcome.

Read more about our partnership and what it means for PeopleAdmin’s customers and business partners.


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