“The Collective Conveners” HR & Academic Affairs Build Strategies for Successful Cluster Hiring, featuring North Carolina State University

About our Guest Speakers:

  • Dr. Laura Severin – Professor of English, Department of English, North Carolina State University. Dr. Severin is also the special assistant to the provost for academic planning and serves as a consultant on cluster hiring.
  • David Perryman , Assistant Director, Employment Services, North Carolina State University. Mr. Perryman is an HR professional with a focus on Employment and Recruitment – specializing in the design, development, and implementation of talent acquisition and management strategies.

Although cluster hiring is becoming an increasingly popular method for enhancing the reputation of an institution to wider appeal by connecting the university to real-world challenges and offering more attractive fields of study, it can also highlight administrative challenges.

HR & Academic Affairs Must Collaborate.

Like multiple interdisciplinary faculty members who must broaden their cultural and disciplinary boundaries to properly function, HR & Academic Affairs must combine their best efforts to collaborate administratively to successfully search, recruit & onboard interdisciplinary talent.

Hear how North Carolina State University’s Human Resources & Academic Affairs departments teamed-up to create one of the most successful cluster hiring programs in the country.

In this HRCI Pre-Approved Webcast, you will hear about:

  • The Importance of Cluster Hiring to Future of Higher Education
  • How to Develop Successful Cluster Hiring Programs
  • How to Find the Best Talent for Clusters
  • How to Develop an Administrative Process the Works

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