Raving Customers

Part 2: 4 reasons SelectSuite customers are raving about their solution

Researching customer reviews is a key strategy for making informed purchasing decisions these days. And for tools that can’t be effectively test-driven — such as talent management technology — reading reviews validated by a third-party institution can be the difference between making a good decision and a bad one.

“I loved the conversations that I had with SelectSuite customers because they were so willing to help and obviously had built a relationship with PeopleAdmin that they were appreciative of,” said Erika Blacutt, partner at Hobson & Company, which recently completed an analysis of PeopleAdmin solutions based on customer feedback. “All of them felt that the value they got from their investment was very, very high.”

In addition to revealing the solution’s substantial ROI, conversations between Hobson & Company researchers and PeopleAdmin customers uncovered four common benefits…

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