Advance diversity, equity and inclusion in higher education to promote peace, justice and progress

Becoming Part of the SolutionIn higher education, research shows that campus diversity benefits all students and employees by encouraging higher levels of academic achievement, improving intergroup relations, driving innovation and creativity, and more.

PeopleAdmin spoke with experts on diversity, equity and inclusion in higher education to identify 10 actionable steps colleges and universities can take to advance equality, inspire peace and promote understanding on campus. Their list includes:

  • How to confront inequality, discrimination and civil unrest at your institution
  • Ways to assess your campus climate
  • Tips for analyzing DEI performance
  • Advice on building your equitable, inclusive environments to benefit students … and higher education
  • And more!

Download the facts, insights and actionable steps that will help you take advantage of higher education’s unique opportunity to enrich academia and support progress.

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