Records and process management in higher education

Faculty affairs teams struggle to optimize talent management

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Many higher education faculty affairs professionals rely on technically immature records and process management techniques1

50% manage paper records or have no process at all
80% don’t use an electronic onboarding solution
20% have no formal process in place
20% say their onboarding is “disjointed and reactive”
82% conduct offboarding activities on paper or have no process at all
35% say offboarding is “disjointed and reactive”

Often, with no plans for improvement1


Have no plan to improve offboarding


Don’t plan to improve onboarding


No plan to improve records management

But those who invest in SelectSuite Records
see significant benefits, including:2

Reduction in time to onboard — that’s 30-120 minutes less time per new hire
Less time gathering official degrees and transcripts
Reduction in time spent gathering faculty reference letters