Performance management best practices: Similar challenges, different institutions

Join Emily Wilson, assistant director of learning and organizational development at Appalachian State University, and Jennifer Derry, director of training and staff development at Villanova University, to learn about their experiences building more effective performance management processes, expand on the best practices covered in the popular Transforming Performance Management ebook, and answer questions from attendees.

During the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Ways to prevent documentation from hindering effective development
  • How to secure buy-in from leaders and employees
  • Strategies for analyzing system data to identify inconsistencies
  • HR’s role as facilitator of the one-size-fits-one process
  • Design frameworks for each department’s needs
  • And more
Transforming Performance Management

Download the e-book to discover four best practices — compiled from studies, focus groups and expert interviews — designed to empower higher education performance management effectiveness.

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Poll results

Which phrase best describes your current performance management system?

Paper/Excel/Google Doc-based 70%
Online system, but clunky 14%
Online system, configurable, reportable 12%
Non-existent 1%

How does your campus feel about performance management?

Opposition to performance management in general 38%
Too much disagreement to create a standard process 18%
Most are bought-in, but some holdouts 4%
Everyone is on board 3%

What is your biggest challenge with gaining buy-in for performance management processes?

Current process doesn’t lead to employee development 44%
Managers feel uncomfortable with process 22%
Disconnect between performance management process and institutional mission 5%
Leadership doesn’t see value 5%
None of the above 22%

What is faculty affairs engagement in performance management processes on your campus?

There is no communication between HR and faculty regarding performance management 78%
HR and faculty have partnered to implement a standardized system 13%
HR and faculty frequently disagree on how to best track and manage performance 9%

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