Teacher and Principal EPI
Objectively determine which teacher and principal candidates make the grade

To maximize student achievement, few K-12 decisions are more important than hiring the right teachers and principals. That’s why PeopleAdmin designed the Educators Professional Inventory (EPI), a pair of first-of-their-kind screening and hiring instruments that use thousands of data points, collected over time, to help school and district leaders identify top teacher and principal candidates.

The Teacher EPI and Principal EPI use candidates’ answers to assessment questions to measure each candidate’s strengths in key areas known to influence teacher and principal effectiveness, then helps match candidate characteristics to school and classroom needs. This gives school and district leaders an objective analysis of applicants and a prediction of how they’ll impact student achievement, which — alongside their own observations and instincts — hiring managers can use to identify best-fit educators.

Based on research compiled in collaboration with a research consortium that includes the Northwest Evaluation Association, the University of Chicago, and other highly regarded institutions and experts, EPI assessments deliver data-based, educated insights to help school leaders make simpler, more objective hiring decisions.


Valuable insights into candidate’s strengths

  • Save hours of time reviewing stacks of resumes, and ensure you never miss quality candidates at the bottom.

  • Empower reviewers to focus on top candidates first, engage them, and reduce risk of a lost opportunity.

  • Offer reliable information to help make and defend hiring decisions, powered by research from a team of highly skilled psychometricians, predictive modeling specialists, and Ph.D.s from various disciplines.

  • Integrate with leading applicant tracking solutions, so reviewers can easily access complete candidate information.

  • Take the guesswork out of teacher candidate screening by measuring applicants’ cognitive abilities, attitudinal factors, qualifications, and teaching skills … using the Teacher EPI.

  • Help district officials objectively screen principal candidates by measuring applicants’ leadership dispositions, ability to handle principal responsibilities, and leadership skills … using the Principal EPI.

“PeopleAdmin’s Principal EPI is a tremendous tool in the creation of our administrative candidate pools.  Being able to analyze the Principal Responsibilities, Leadership Dispositions, and the Leadership Case Study has given our executive team another solid set of data points to make more informed hiring decisions for each of our campus leadership positions.”
Chris Tatum, Director, Secondary Personnel, Amarillo ISD

“We have found the EPI assessment to be incredibly insightful and essential in making informed decisions as part of our hiring process.”

Dave Schuler, superintendent of High School District 214 in Arlington Heights, Illinois, and past president of the American School Superintendents Association

Unique solutions that work in similar ways

  • Online assessment for applicants: After applying for a position, applicants receive an email asking them to complete an online assessment — 100 questions for teachers, 120 questions for principals.

  • Behind-the-scenes analysis: The EPI instruments compare each applicant’s answers to thousands of data points to measure that applicant’s likely impact on student growth.

  • Instant results: On the administrative end, applicants’ scores are instantly available, sorted and rank-ordered with other applicants so it’s easy to quickly identify who is most likely to have the best impact on student outcomes.

Assessment Development: Policies and Procedures

Want to learn more about EPI?

Principal EPI brochure
Teacher EPI brochure

Want to learn more about EPI?

Principal EPI brochure
Teacher EPI brochure