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Applicant Tracking
TalentEd Recruit & Hire

TalentEd Recruit & Hire handles every step of the applicant tracking process — from job posting to hiring — in an intuitive, easy-to-use online package. Customize your applications or mold interview questionnaires specific to your needs, then automate notifications and reference checks. Ease these and other common burdens:

  • Stacks of applications, resumes, transcripts, and certificates.
  • Inbound calls and emails from applicants that interrupt your other important tasks.
  • Inconsistent communication and difficulty accessing applicant information by principals and administrators.

Recruit & Hire features

  • Application manager keeps everything organized for principals or hiring managers.
  • Interview management simplifies interview scheduling, syncing, and preparation.
  • Candidate self-service tools allow applicants to access status changes, manage interviews, and maintain all parts of their profile.
  • Easy customization and job management without IT involvement.
  • Reporting and analytics that provide real-time insights to maximize your efforts.
  • Job board access and position posting equals more reach without additional work.
  • Compatibility with finance, HRMS, substitute and absence management systems means no redundant data entry.

Application Management

Filter to find the best applicants using general information or refined searches, and use multiple filters to find the best candidates fast. Customize email templates to quickly send general notifications to selected candidates.

Interview Management
Enjoy an array of interview tools to schedule interviews with multiple candidates at once, see interview statuses at a glance, share interview results with other decision makers, and provide hire recommendations, all online.

Online Reference Checks
Save the time spent on chasing reference checks while increasing the response rate by sending and receiving reference surveys electronically. Reference information automatically populates to ensure correct delivery and faster processing.

Online Job Listings
An easy-to-use, self-service, one-stop-shop for applicants. Candidates with even the most basic computer skills can apply, upload, update, review, and track their information without your team’s assistance. Filters and sorting options help candidates find the positions which best match their talents.

Candidate Self-Service
Free your human resources staff from the flood of phone calls and emails from applicants. Interviews scheduled by human resources or interviewers instantly appear in the Candidate Self-Service area.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting
Review and improve your hiring process by running detailed reports to analyze and measure results.

Job Fair Tracking
Get more value from your recruiting efforts. Review invitations sent to job fair recruits as well as ratings and notes posted by screeners. Easily track the progress of your job fair recruits as they respond to your invitation to apply and automatically become integrated into the standard system.

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