Onboarding New Hires
Introducing a better way to welcome new hires

First impressions matter. As competition for top educators increases and teacher turnover and staff shortages rise, assuring a welcoming onboarding experience can improve employee engagement, job satisfaction and retention.

Onboard supports a positive experience for new hires from day 1 by facilitating completion and tracking of required employment documentation … freeing up time for new hires and staff to interact more personally during orientation and other initial meetings.

Schools and districts can customize and monitor completion of all onboarding activities through Onboard, so rather than greeting new employees with stacks of paperwork that administrative staff will later enter electronically or file away, new hires can complete forms and requirements at the time and pace that’s best for them.


Process Management
Ensure new hires always have the latest version of forms and documents with electronic storage and distribution, and empower administrators to review checklists for at-a-glance progress reports. These tools are also beneficial when distributing and collecting contract renewals or other annual forms completed by existing employees.

Customizable Digital Storage
Search, import, route, purge and save documents with drag-and-click ease, then customize security settings to control who can access what.

E-Signatures, Automatic Workflows
Completed forms are forwarded to appropriate stakeholders for review and signature, all without leaving the keyboard.

Document Retention Rules and Policies
Stay compliant and audit-ready by setting document life spans, then they’ll automatically purge when their time is up … whether it’s a few months or many years.

Customizable E-Forms
Use Onboard templates or build your own electronic forms to ensure you’ve captured all necessary new employee documentation.

Easy Reporting
Quickly identify missing documents or forms that need to be updated — without digging through personnel folders — with user-friendly reports and checklist completion dashboards.

Want to learn more about Onboard?

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Want to learn more about Onboard?

Request a demo
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