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Records Management
TalentEd Records

Save time, money, and resources spent on managing the paperwork, the manual cross-checking via checklists and spreadsheets, and the multi-step processes and workflows your team coordinates — contracts, new hire onboarding and orientation, exiting (plus all the forms, requests, and updates that arise at every twist and turn during each year) — that currently fill folders and file cabinets.

  • Eliminate filing, storage, printing, and paper costs while simplifying recordkeeping.
  • Streamline workflow with bulk actions, automatic reminders, retention settings, e-signatures, and comprehensive status reporting.
  • Ensure organizational compliance and audit readiness while maximizing efficiency.

Records features:

  • Onboarding process management makes new hire packets easy to complete and track.
  • Take the legwork out of the contract and intent to return processes.
  • Standardize and simplify exit and dismissal processing.
  • Custom, smart digital storage for easy routing, searchability, and security.
  • Build and customize e-forms to fit your existing processes, or choose a fresh start.
  • E-Signaturesautomatic workflows, and reminder alerts put an end to the people and paper chase.
  • Quickly identify what’s missing with comprehensive dashboards and easy-to-use reporting.
  • Scan existing files and upload in bulk at your own pace.
  • Document retention rules make remaining legally compliant effortless.

Onboarding Process Management

Welcome new hires by making those multi-page onboarding packets easy to complete and keep up with. For returning employees, yearly orientation paperwork and tasks are just as simple.

Contract Renewal Management
Take the legwork — the printing, hand delivering, chasing, and retrieving — out of the yearly contract process, saving resources, overtime, and frustration.

E-Signatures, Workflows, and Reminder Alerts
Automate reminders to employees so you’re not left chasing missing forms. Completed forms are forwarded to appropriate people for review and signature, all without leaving the keyboard.

(Cabinet-Free) Custom Smart Storage
Documents and files are easily searchable and filed automatically to your desired destination. Import, route, and purge with drag-and-click ease. Comprehensive security settings means you control who can access what.

Customizable E-Forms
Build and customize the forms you distribute in Records for seamless, paper-free filing, including FMLA documents, policy forms, leave requests, and more.

Easy Employee Submissions
Your staff can submit everything electronically. E-Forms, e-signatures, and alerts mean your employees can easily submit their paperwork. The electronic “paper” trail keeps your staff in the loop and provide you with peace of mind that nothing gets misplaced or misfiled.

Standardize and Simplify Exit Processing
Make sure nothing gets overlooked when your people exit, whether for retirement, a new opportunity, or because of termination.

Quickly Identify What’s Missing
No digging through personnel folders to discover something’s missing or incomplete. With user-friendly reports and dashboards, see what each employee is missing, what’s due, and what’s expiring.

Scan and Upload in Bulk at Your Pace
Load paper documents in a snap via scan and bulk file upload your PDFs and other digital files. A once-daunting task can be done over time as needed, whether it’s all e-forms, paper scans, or a combination.

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