Project Description

Chesterfield County Public Schools
Greater Richmond, Virginia
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  • 59,000 students (PK – 12)
  • 7,800 FTE employees
  • 3,840 FTE teachers
  • 65 buildings

Before & After:
A paper-centric process lacking efficiency was transformed by a configurable, feature-rich tool that promotes deeper collaboration between teachers and evaluators.

Collaboration and Technology Empower Improved Performance Management


At Chesterfield County Public Schools (CCPS), providing a positive educational environment that enhances learning for their 59,000-plus students is a team effort, which requires ingenuity and collaboration across the division’s 63 campuses. After reviewing their existing teacher evaluation processes, the team realized the next big opportunity to promote student achievement was replacing their paper-based system with a collaborative, efficient and user-friendly way to measure teacher performance.

“We believe that teaching is the most critical and essential factor for student learning,” said Fred Scott, professional development integration specialist for CCPS, Virginia’s fifth-largest school division. “We wanted to take a step up from the evaluation tool we were using and enhance the process to make it more efficient for our administrators and for our teachers.”

The division began searching for an evaluation tool that could deliver three main improvements: “We wanted something advanced, we wanted something efficient, and we also wanted something that’s user friendly, all the while stepping it up a notch.”


  • Find an education-based solution to efficiently and effectively improve performance evaluation processes.
  • Implement a performance management solution that will measure teacher performance and drive student success.


CCPS began the search for a new evaluation solution by bringing together key decision-makers to identify needs, expectations and possible solutions. During early assessments, PeopleAdmin’s TalentEd Perform quickly emerged as a leading candidate. The solution’s configurability and PeopleAdmin’s education expertise made TalentEd Perform stand out from the other performance management solutions the division considered.

“I wanted to impact all of our users and show them ‘what you have developed on paper you can move into the system,’” Fred said. “With TalentEd Perform, we can further develop and customize.”

Although the division was sure that TalentEd was the right choice for their performance management system, Fred was mindful not to rush the implementation, training and adoption processes.

School administrators, instructional directors, human resources and teachers began using the system first, customizing each step of their evaluations. Once complete, they traveled to each school in the division to meet with teachers and walk through the new process.

The result of this careful, collaborative implementation approach? “Of all the implementations we’ve had in our division, TalentEd Perform was the most positive,” Fred said. “Our transition to TalentEd was efficient and painless.”


Since the adoption and implementation of TalentEd Perform, the school division has seen its performance evaluation process transformed.

“We used to have to print everybody’s documentation three times,” Fred said. “That’s approximately 4,200 people multiplied by three. When you get all of that paper, it just becomes a paper stack and it doesn’t tell you a story. Now, with TalentEd Perform, we don’t just get the cost-savings of going digital, but we get the story within those evaluations.”

One standout feature — the ability to save and retrieve portfolios and observations related to each teacher — has become popular with evaluators and teachers because it allows an evaluator to observe a teacher in the classroom, save it to that teacher’s evaluation profile and be quickly retrieved by either a teacher or another evaluator.

“Overwhelmingly, the teachers think Perform is easy-to-use, not difficult, and they’re happy to see their electronic portfolio is now online and available anytime, anywhere. Those are the biggest benefits for them.”

Evaluators also like using TalentEd Perform’s easy-to-digest Evaluation Dashboard, which quickly shows what steps are complete and what remains to be done.

“The dashboard allows us to see when a task was done, signed off, and completed. That became important to administrators in their workflow process,” Fred said. “That visibility is powerful. Last year on December 1 we had maybe 80 percent of the teacher’s professional growth goals done. By December 1 of this year, we were at 99 percent.”

By choosing a customizable, feature-rich evaluation tool, engaging key decision-makers early and working closely with the end users, CCPS implemented an efficient evaluation process that supports deeper feedback between teachers and evaluators.