Project Description

Wheaton Warrenville CUSD 200
Suburban Chicago, Illinois
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District Overview:
Wheaton Warrenville Community Unit School District 200 is made up of 20 buildings covering grades PK-12.

  • 1 Early Childhood Center
  • 13 Elementary Schools
  • 4 Middle Schools
  • 2 High Schools

Staff: 1,800 employees, 1,100 teachers

Students (PK-12): 13,400

The Results:
Before: An inefficient, paperbased, state-aligned model that constrained principals and the HR department.

After: All evaluations were completed on time for the first time in years, all without frustration from principals or staff.

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Evaluation technology to accommodate all needs


Although already aligned with the state-suggested, research-based evaluation framework, Dr. Robert Rammer, assistant superintendent, and his team at Wheaton Warrenville CUSD 200 faced a series of teacher evaluation challenges.

First, the paper-based framework required principals to take notes during teacher observations, which had to be transferred later to the paper copy shared with the teacher.

Then, after completing the evaluation cycle, principals had to photocopy and send documents to the Human Resources department to be filed.

But principals weren’t the only people unnecessarily burdened by those inefficiencies; HR was responsible for manually moving staff on and off the evaluation cycle.

“Our old system was cumbersome and very labor intensive,” said Dr. Rammer. “There were frequent changes in correcting the evaluation cycle that staff were on. In order to assure that principals were meeting their statutory and contractual obligations, clerical staff had to log each evaluation by hand.”


  • Find a framework-ready, flexible, automated evaluation system that could handle the varied needs of CUSD 200.
  • Encourage and support on-time completion of the evaluation process.


Even before exploring electronic evaluation solutions, Dr. Rammer’s experience with the status quo helped inform CUSD 200’s wish list for an automated system. That list included:

  • Tracking staff within the evaluation cycles.
  • Real-time document sharing and storage.
  • Automatically calculating and recording of evaluation ratings.
  • Freedom for principals to take observation notes on the evaluation matrix without having to rewrite or transfer it later.

“We also wanted to be able to transfer notes from domains and scores from the formative matrix to the summative evaluation instrument,” Dr. Rammer said. “In addition, we wanted to be able to monitor our principals’ progress on completion of the assigned evaluation.”

After learning of TalentEd Perform and receiving a personalized web demonstration, the cloud-based online software stood out because evaluation forms and processes could be tailored to the unique characteristics of CUSD 200.

Said Dr. Rammer, “No two districts are the same, but TalentEd can fit anyone.” Another differentiator for Dr. Rammer is PeopleAdmin’s “outstanding customer service.” Creating all the forms CUSD 200 already used seemed daunting, but the district received personal attention from their PeopleAdmin Customer Success Manager − who helped create many of the forms and trained staff to develop additional forms and processes so they could make updates and changes on demand.

“The Customer Success team is very prompt and will stay with you until the issue is corrected, explained, and you are satisfied,” Dr. Rammer said. “They are the best.”

“TalentEd Perform was able to accommodate all of our needs and, most importantly, it was very user friendly and intuitive to manage.”


No evaluation process is likely to garner rave reviews from evaluators or those being evaluated, but that’s what happened at CUSD 200 when TalentEd Perform went live.

For the first time in years, all evaluations were completed on time − for which Dr. Rammer credits the automated deadline and schedule notification reminders.

“Both our staff and our principals are very pleased,” Dr. Rammer said. “We have experienced virtually no complaints from teachers or support staff working within TalentEd Perform. It is easy to use and people like the ability to share documents and information so easily.”