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Principal Candidate Assessment
Principal EPI

Along with our renowned research partners, the PeopleAdmin team of highly skilled psychometricians, predictive modeling specialists, and PhDs from various disciplines has developed an advanced principal candidate assessment tool . . . Introducing the Principal Educators Professional Inventory!

The Principal Educators Professional Inventory (EPI) is a dynamic, data-driven platform that predicts the impact principal candidates will have in schools they lead. Our groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind assessment tool is designed to identify the top candidates for any principal, or assistant principal, position.

After candidates complete the Principal EPI assessment, the tool ranks their strengths in four core areas that indicate principal success: leadership skills, leadership dispositions, principal responsibilities and qualifications. Then, district leaders can objectively predict which candidate will have the most positive influence on their school.

How EPI works:

  • Candidates take 45 minutes on average to complete the intuitive, easy-to-navigate online Principal EPI.
  • Candidate scores are instantly sorted and rank-ordered with other job candidates.
  • You can view an up to the minute list of top candidates most likely to deliver student growth on the Principal EPI candidate grid.
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“PeopleAdmin’s Principal EPI is a tremendous tool in the creation of our administrative candidate pools. Being able to analyze the Principal Responsibilities, Leadership Dispositions, and the Leadership Case Study has given our executive team another solid set of data points to make more informed hiring decisions for each of our campus leadership positions.”
Chris Tatum, Director, Secondary Personnel, Amarillo ISD