PeopleAdmin Records

Streamline and automate the most complicated, frustrating, and time-consuming records and process management tasks.

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PeopleAdmin Records
PeopleAdmin Records
Take the legwork out of contract approvals, recordkeeping and exit processing with smart, digital records

Eliminate the daily challenges of managing personnel records, including multistep processes and workflows, and manual tracking on checklists and spreadsheets. Digital process management offers effortless organization, efficiency and consistency — and sets staff free from elaborate paper-based processes and file cabinets.

PeopleAdmin’s Records is a powerful, customizable process management solution for streamlining and automating the most complicated, frustrating and time-consuming processes and workflows, simplifying administrative tasks for faculty and staff alike.

How can higher education benefit from streamlined recordkeeping? ​
PeopleAdmin Records


Standardized and simplified exit processing
Ensure consistency and process adherence when employees leave your institution with customizable workflows for employee retirement, voluntary resignation or termination.

Contract renewal management
Take the legwork — printing, hand-delivering, chasing and retrieving — out of the faculty contract renewal process, saving resources and frustration.

Customizable electronic forms
Build and customize the forms you distribute in Records for seamless, paper-free filing of policy forms, bio updates, tuition benefits, FMLA documents, leave requests and more.

Electronic signatures, automatic workflows, reminder alerts
Automate reminders to employees so you’re not left chasing missing forms.

Retention rules and policies documentation
Set the life span of documents — whether it’s a few months or many years — so you’re always in compliance and audit-ready.

Progress tracking
With user-friendly reports and dashboards, see what each employee is missing, what’s due and what’s expiring.

Faculty- and staff-specific benefits

  • Faculty: Remove the administrative burden of dozens of paper-based tasks.
  • Staff: Streamline and automate the most complicated, frustrating, and time-consuming records and process management tasks.

Anytime, anywhere access
Enjoy quick, secure mobile access to critical documents at your fingertips with iPad, iPhone and Android compatibility.

Electronic forms.​

​“We had a lot of work to do to get off paper and into digital and that’s really been an eye-opener for us. Building the electronic forms that we used to have on paper has been wonderful.”​

Wendy Haynes​
Manager of Compensation and Recruitment​
Tarleton State University


​“Customers frequently mentioned the efficiency that their higher education institutions were able to achieve from having all the documents and workflows digitized and automated.”​

Erika Blacutt​
Partner at Hobson & Company,
which analyzed PeopleAdmin solutions based on customer feedback

Reduced processing times.​

​”For onboarding, leave requests, tuition benefits and more, we’ve used Records to reduce processing times from several days or weeks, to literally hours.”​

John Acardo​
Assistant Vice President for Human Resources​
North Central College

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