Talent Management for Higher Education

SelectSuite for higher education standardizes and simplifies your hiring practices and increases efficiency by automating your talent management activities, including specialized functions such as faculty recruiting and search committee management.

More than 700 institutions of higher education trust PeopleAdmin to reduce the cost, time and risk associated with a wide array of Human Resource processes, from recruitment strategy and talent acquisition to developing and retaining valued employees.


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Get a fresh look at your talent management effectiveness by seeing the story told by your data. That means data you collect in your talent management system are interpreted into actionable, easy-to-understand information — such as hiring trends, diversity mix and recruiting effectiveness — to drive strategic process improvements.

With Analytics, you maximize the output of your human resources efforts, improve efficiency, enhance visibility into what you’re doing now and get data-driven inspiration for where to focus efforts in the future.

Analytics features:

  • Data visualizations: Quickly transform hundreds of thousands of data points into a handful of meaningful patterns and trends.
  • Powerful collaboration: Provide key stakeholders access to easy-to-use reports and dashboards from any device.
  • User-friendly functionality: Empower non-technical users with the ability to quickly access data and build business intelligence reports.
  • Rich analysis: Develop quantifiable HR programs using powerful, self-service dashboards.

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Applicant Tracking

PeopleAdmin’s SelectSuite applicant tracking solution is designed to help you engage quality, diverse candidates and increase efficiency by automating talent management activities — including specialized functions such as faculty recruiting and search committee management.

But because workflows and processes vary among colleges and universities, the solution is configured to make sure you get all the tools, features and options you need … and nothing you don’t.

Applicant Tracking features:

  • Multiple application processes: Automate dozens of complicated hiring workflows and processes.
  • Complex organization support: Flexible permissions and configurations support the intricate organization structures typical in higher education.
  • Search committees: Easily create, manage and monitor search committees and empower end users with an intuitive evaluation system.
  • Evaluative criteria: Streamline selection of candidates using powerful evaluative criteria, which can be customized for each individual posting.
  • Mobile job site: Attract top candidates with a sleek, branded, easy to navigate, and mobile-friendly job site design.

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Position Management

Build a sound foundation for talent management initiatives by managing position descriptions, classifications and position frameworks online.

By understanding the complex relationships between position descriptions, seated positions, job postings, and performance programs, the position management module empowers you to conduct more targeted recruiting, increase cross-institution accountabilities, build the foundation for a fair and defensible compensation plan, and ensure consistent, auditable updates to descriptions over time.

Position Management features:

  • Centralize position descriptions: Ensure you always have one central, accessible location for the most accurate and up-to-date position description.
  • Audit information: Better understand the evolution of your organization and ensure compliance and defensibility of your positions and classifications by tracking changes to position description records over time.
  • Position management workflows: Ensure updates to positions descriptions involve the right people at the right time with highly configurable, multi-scenario workflows.
  • Integrated: Automatically ensure job postings use the latest and most correct position description and chose whether to align individual performance reviews with the job duties listed in each employee’s position description.

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Welcome your new hires with an onboarding process that works for them and you. That means monitoring every facet of your onboarding processes and workflows easily and in less time, and giving employees easy access to the forms, files and information they need to join the team efficiently.

Onboard by PeopleAdmin is a customizable onboarding solution for streamlining and automating the orientation and onboarding processes for staff, faculty, students and more.

Onboard features:

  • Easy-to-use employee portal: Welcome new hires with sleek, easy-to-complete-and-maintain online onboarding programs.
  • Simple onboarding workflows: Ensure consistency and process adherence when employees join your institution.
  • Secure document storage: Safeguard important documents and records in employee folders.
  • User-friendly reports and dashboards: Rather than tracking onboarding activities using email and paperwork, see what’s due and monitor progress with Onboard reporting.
  • CUPA-HR Checklist: Built in collaboration with CUPA-HR and available only in Onboard by PeopleAdmin, this comprehensive checklist of critical new hire onboarding tasks helps ensure a positive first impression for higher education employees.

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Eliminate the daily challenges of managing personnel records, including multi-step processes and workflows, and manual tracking on checklists and spreadsheets. Digital process management offers effortless organization, efficiency and consistency — and sets staff free from elaborate paper- and file cabinet- based processes.

Records by PeopleAdmin is a powerful, customizable process management solution for streamlining and automating the most complicated, frustrating and time consuming higher education tasks and workflows.

Records features:

  • Onboarding process management: Sleek, easy-to-complete-and-maintain onboarding packets for new employees. For returning employees, yearly paperwork and tasks are just as simple.
  • Exit processing: Ensure consistency and process adherence when employees leave your institution.
  • Contract or appointment renewal management: Take the legwork out of the reappointment process by automating it from start to finish.
  • User-friendly reports and dashboards: Stop digging through personnel files to discover something is missing or incomplete. See what’s due, what’s expiring and more with Records reporting.
  • Personnel action forms: Automate and simplify the personnel action form process.

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Performance Management

Increase retention, engagement and employee contribution with a highly configurable, automated performance management solution, perfectly integrated with your other talent management tools.

Performance Management features:

  • Flexible programs: Build programs to fit your institution’s unique requirements and practices with configurable scoring, ratings, program eligibility and more.
  • Task management: Schedule tasks by due date or set prerequisite tasks to ensure busy managers and employees keep programs moving forward.
  • Reporting and dashboards: Quickly and easily access status updates on evaluation and program completion.
  • Employee portal: Provide all employees easy, private, anytime access to their evaluation feedback and personal progress notes.

Integration & Business Partners

PeopleAdmin partners with market-leading organizations in higher education to deliver thought leadership
and end-to-end talent management solutions for our clients.

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Manages different types of employees.

“One of SelectSuite’s greatest features is its ability to manage different employee types … it lets you treat different jobs differently through the entire lifecycle.”

Danny Linton
University of Memphis


Danny Linton
University of Memphis

“One of SelectSuite’s greatest features is its ability to manage different employee types … it lets you treat different jobs differently through the entire View Full →

Understands faculty hiring.

SelectSuite captures the subtleties of the Higher Education environment and uniqueness of our institution… such as faculty hiring.”

University of Arizona


University of Arizona

“SelectSuite captures the subtleties of the Higher Education environment and uniqueness of our institution… such as faculty hiring.”

Easy to comprehend analytics.

"Anyone can use and understand their data in PeopleAdmin Analytics.”

Shannon Phillips
Compensation Analyst
University of Arkansas  


Shannon Phillips
Compensation Analyst
University of Arkansas  

“Anyone can use and understand their data in PeopleAdmin Analytics.”

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