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Right-sized for smaller institutions, see 15 years of expertise in our new, pre-configured best practice recruiting system.

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PeopleAdmin SimpleHire
PeopleAdmin Hire
Higher education institutions have unique talent management needs, but not all colleges and universities approach their processes in the same way.

That’s why PeopleAdmin created SimpleHire — a talent management solution that delivers the essential features, reports and configurability options smaller schools need to succeed.

SimpleHire is quick to implement and easy to maintain, with all the components of an engaging talent management solution — including mobile-friendly access, recruitment integrations, enhanced security, compliance tools and more.

View a demonstration of SimpleHire to see how to facilitate daily administrative operations without the stress and inefficiency of spreadsheets, paper documentation and duplicate efforts.

Current recruiting and hiring processes hinder higher education success
PeopleAdmin Hire


Positive candidate experience

  • Customize images and texts to create a branded, intuitive, mobile-friendly applicant portal.

  • Reach passive applicants through social media integrations, including LinkedIn and Facebook.

  • Engage interested candidates through automated, configurable communication for each new position.

  • Simplify the applicant experience with resume parsing and mobile uploads.
  • Promote new positions throughout your institutions with an easy-to-maintain internal job board.

Easy to implement

  • Start with a powerful, flexible, baseline solution designed for higher education.
  • Realize efficiency gains within just a few short weeks.
  • Optimize processes over time with highly configurable ad-hoc workflows.

Reporting and analytics

  • Flexible permission structure ensures confidentiality of essential reports, including EEO information.
  • Reporting library to view and save key data as needed.
  • Visual representations interpret and relay meaningful data simply.

Mobile-friendly design

  • Anytime, anywhere access allows users to easily view and approve applicants on mobile devices.
  • Browser-based so users don’t have to install software or apps.
  • Intuitive user experience ensures stakeholders aren’t overwhelmed with tasks and administrative information.
  • Support for all major mobile devices and browsers.

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