The smarter workforce planning and absence management solution

SmartFind delivers comprehensive tracking, customized reporting, and advanced analytical support for K-12 workforce planning and absence management, so schools and districts can ensure there’s a qualified educator in every classroom, every day.

SmartFind transforms absence management from simple substitute placement to advanced workforce planning — so districts can forecast and plan for future absences, automate searches for the most qualified instructors available, and automate scheduling calls and emails.


The Smarter Solution

Smarter workforce planning

  • Fill-rate metrics provide key workforce planning information and predict fill rates by key parameters.

  • Real-time actionable data shows you what to do right now to tackle your critical workforce issues.

  • Robust reporting lets you easily create, save, update, schedule and send key data.

Smarter absence management

  • Best-match technology automatically searches and contacts the most qualified substitute for a specific vacancy.

  • Full communication suite for a customized and intuitive user interface.

  • Easy-to-use dashboard provides real-time, actionable data.

SmartFind mobile app

  • FREE — no hidden or incremental charges to download or use.

  • Supports iOS, Android mobile devices.

  • Interfaces with three key users — employees/teachers, substitutes, and administrators.

Want to learn more about SmartFind?

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Want to learn more about SmartFind?

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