PeopleAdmin celebrates customers for innovation, inclusion and collaboration in higher education

Talent management leader honors six colleges and universities with Customer Awards for outstanding educational achievements during its annual customer conference

AUSTIN, Texas — June 28 — PeopleAdmin, the leader in talent management software for education, announced today that six colleges and universities have received the company’s PeopleConnect Customer Awards for helping to make education better for both educators and students.

The awards recognize higher education customers for their commitment to advancing higher education, solving HR challenges, such as diversity, or using technology creatively. They were presented at PeopleAdmin’s annual customer conference held last week in Austin, Texas.

The recipients are Villanova University, Colorado State University, North Carolina State University, Rutgers University, Blinn College and Tarrant County College.

A panel of judges comprised of PeopleAdmin staff selected winners in four different categories based on a number of criteria, including measurable impact, creativity and submission quality. Nominations could be submitted by current employees at higher education institutions currently using PeopleAdmin solutions.

“The most exciting part of serving PeopleAdmin customers is seeing the incredible ways they are using our talent management tools like SelectSuite to achieve truly extraordinary results in education,” said Kermit Randa, CEO of PeopleAdmin, who presented the awards. “We’re excited to honor their efforts today and to continue to support them each and every day.”

PeopleAdmin’s SelectSuite, the most complete talent management solution for higher education, improves how colleges and universities find, hire and develop a diverse workforce — offering everything from applicant tracking to onboarding to analytics.

“We were delighted to hear that we won the Aligning the Stars Award,” said David Perryman, assistant director of talent solutions at North Carolina State University. “PeopleAdmin and SelectSuite have been an important partnership and toolbox for aligning our previously disparate processes into manageable, consistent processes, for the benefit of everyone at NC State University.”

The 2016 award winners are:

Innovation Award: Villanova University received the Innovation Award, which celebrates new, unique and creative ways colleges and universities use PeopleAdmin products to overcome challenges, improve HR processes or streamline workflows. Villanova’s HR department used PeopleAdmin’s Performance Management product to develop an ongoing talent management strategy for senior leadership and other mission-critical positions.

“The project came with a short timeline and a budget of zero,” said Jennifer Derry, director, training and staff development at Villanova. “With HR as a strategic partner, Villanova’s entire leadership team is now using a consistent solution for performance management.”

Inclusion Award: Colorado State University received the Inclusion Award, which recognizes improvement and lasting impact of successfully implemented diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. Throughout the past year, the University has fully implemented PeopleAdmin’s SelectSuite platform across the entire institution and realized more than 20 different efficiencies, including reduced emails and the development of a central data repository.

“Through the SelectSuite build, CSU incorporated our Equal Opportunity process,” said Chris Mullen, assistant director for recruitment and selection, office of equal opportunity. “By ensuring equal opportunity and equal access to our searches, we’re minimizing bias, recruiting diverse candidate pools and supporting student success by hiring the right people.”

Aligning the Stars Award: North Carolina State University and Rutgers University received the Aligning the Stars Award, which celebrates the use of PeopleAdmin products to promote and improve interdepartmental collaboration for the benefit of staff, students or the university at large.

NC State was selected as a winner for its success in using SelectSuite to respond to new HR demands, proactively engage its campus community with effective solutions to talent needs, and strengthen the relationship between the campus community and human resources team.

“We partnered with our campus community on more than 1,474 staff position/salary changes, up 19.7 percent from 2014,” said David Perryman. Staff, research, administrator, and faculty postings also increased, as did all hiring proposals. “Overall, using SelectSuite, we were able to account for our efforts and demonstrate HR as a productive, consultative, and accountable organization for our university.”

Rutgers University was selected as a winner after using SelectSuite to successfully navigate a merger with the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, and to unify systems for employee hiring and training. This created many efficiencies for the newly combined entity, including paperless applicant processing and review, approval process automation, and reduction in time-to-hire.

“Overall, the PeopleAdmin product has been great for Rutgers University,” said Anthony Cross, HR consultant. “PeopleAdmin brought together two very different business processes and streamlined them into one effective approach.”

Make It Happen Award: Blinn College and Tarrant County College received the Make It Happen Award for employee-led efforts to overcome obstacles and support the mission of the institution using PeopleAdmin solutions.

Blinn College used PeopleAdmin to successfully streamline three processes to improve faculty hiring efficiency: the English Proficiency Declaration, faculty credential evaluation summary form, and faculty evaluation process.

“By building these requirements into our electronic processes, leaders have all the documentation they need in one place,” said Sara Pohl, assistant director of compensation and benefits. “We’re using the PeopleAdmin resources we already had to help inform decisions about whether applicants are really credentialed to teach that course or not.”

Tarrant County College received a Make it Happen Award for developing a creative way to address an adjunct faculty shortage — by partnering with PeopleAdmin to advertise, screen and hire faculty at a first-of-its-kind Adjunct Faculty Recruitment Fair in April.

“Today we have over 125 adjunct faculty in the Adjunct Faculty pool in math, Spanish, government, English, computer science, biology, and speech,” said Ricardo Coronado, Ph.D., associate vice chancellor for human resources. “HR with PeopleAdmin is prepared meet the demand for adjunct faculty to teach fall 2016.”

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