How Ithaca College plans to meet ambitious talent management goals

‘Once you start thinking about a new talent management system, you can’t have that conversation without PeopleAdmin at the forefront’

When Brian K. Dickens, Ph.D., vice president of human resources, joined Ithaca College in New York, leaders at the institution were in the process of choosing a new talent management solutions provider … and Brian knew exactly who to choose.

“I’ve partnered with PeopleAdmin at every institution that I’ve been at, and they have a time-tested and proven solution for higher ed,” he explained. “Once you start thinking about a new talent management system, you can’t have that conversation without PeopleAdmin at the forefront.”

Brian’s confidence in PeopleAdmin — and the ability to implement within a tight timeframe — led Ithaca leaders to move forward with PeopleAdmin Hire, Onboard, and Positions.

“PeopleAdmin’s ability to pick us up and implement in a 30-day window was a major conversation point for us,” Brian said. “I think that’s a testament to PeopleAdmin’s willingness to partner with you versus just being a vendor.”

That focus on prioritizing the needs of higher education institutions is also seen in PeopleAdmin solutions, which can be easily customized to reflect each college or university’s unique image.

“The branding allows us to really emphasize the institution and doesn’t push the PeopleAdmin brand,” Brian said. “Using our own branding for the applicant portal helps us make a better first impression.”

The Hire and Onboard modules also help ensure a positive new hire onboarding experience. “The ability to make an easy transition from applicant to new hire in onboarding is the key spot that I think PeopleAdmin has captured,” Brian explained.

Leaders at Ithaca are considering adding the Performance module to their suite of solutions to deliver more comprehensive talent management services.

“To tie our onboarding strategy to our performance management strategy is a really, really exciting opportunity for us,” Brian said. He went on to explain that easily accessing accurate and up-to-date job descriptions — stored in Positions — will support Ithaca’s goal of facilitating the employee life cycle electronically and efficiently.

“It reduces the opportunity for errors in any part of the translation from the onboarding process to the performance management process,” Brian said. “And it eliminates the disconnect between the expectations of the position and the actual employee review.”

With PeopleAdmin’s solutions and partnership assisting him, Brian is confident that he and the rest of his team will successfully meet their talent management goals.

“PeopleAdmin has been very diligent in ensuring our success,” Brian said. “It’s been a great experience.”

Ithaca College

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