IT and HR professionals agree — systems integrations are key to maintaining data integrity and eliminating duplicate efforts

‘When I talk to people who handle that manually, I think to myself: I couldn’t do it. It would take all day.’

IntegrationsMany organizations rely on multiple software solutions to streamline and simplify various processes, but using segregated systems can make it difficult to keep up with all the various data inputs, tasks and reports. To eliminate this burden, college and university leaders are turning to systems connections.

“The ability to integrate is incredibly important,” said NeeCee Cornish, director of enterprise database & integrations at Western University of Health Sciences. She knows that without strong integrations, colleges and universities struggle to maintain data integrity, and end up entering the same data two, three, four times, or more.

That’s why hundreds of colleges and universities take advantage of PeopleAdmin’s integrations.

“We have an integration with Banner — our ERP [enterprise resource planning] solution,” said Danny Linton, assistant director of human resources at the University of Memphis. “Once a user gets access in Banner, they automatically get access to PeopleAdmin.”

With roughly 2,000 users to manage, the integration saves Danny’s team countless hours.

“That integration is a bargain,” he said. “When I talk to people who handle that manually, I think to myself: I couldn’t do it. It would take all day.”

But PeopleAdmin’s integrations don’t end with human resource information systems (HRIS). At Ocean Community College, Cindy Fallon, human resources staffing and recruiting technology specialist, enjoys integrations with HireRight, which simplifies background checks, and JobTarget, which streamlines recruitment advertising management and distribution.

“The integration with HireRight makes background checks very convenient. We just click a button, and it pulls the information we need. It’s very easy to track, and you always have easy access to it,” Cindy said. “With JobTarget, the job postings we create in PeopleAdmin Hire go right to the agencies we select, and if a hiring manager knows of other associations or groups that would be appropriate for that position, we add them with the click of a button.”

Tracey Burns, human resources analyst at Metropolitan Community College, also enjoys the benefits of an integration with JobTarget.

“We just click one button, and we’re able to advertise here and advertise there,” she said. “It’s very nice.”

Understanding the full value of integrations, Metropolitan Community College also enjoys an integration with HigherEdJobs and will soon go live with a ChronicleVitae integration … both higher education-specific job boards.

“We just pick yes or no in a dropdown to decide if we want to post the job on It’s super simple,” Tracey said. “We expect the integration with ChronicleVitae to be just as easy.”  

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