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Improve strategic decision-making and institutional efficiency through actionable insights derived from your talent management data.

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Uncover key insights into compliance, diversity and other complex hiring initiatives

PeopleAdmin’s Analytics is designed specifically for higher education talent management professionals, and the staff and faculty they support.

How? For starters, the University of Arkansas, North Carolina State University, Villanova University and other leading institutions partnered with PeopleAdmin to build it.

Then there’s the Diversity dashboard. Whether you need an up-close look or a broader picture, you can monitor the progress of diversity initiatives within specific departments, date ranges or stages of the hiring process.

And with automated reporting, you can easily schedule specific, easy-to-understand reports for institution leaders and key stakeholders — demonstrating the benefits of strategic partnerships with HR, and empowering data-based decision making across the institution.

Why are talent management data and analytics valuable in higher education?​
PeopleAdmin Analytics


Faculty- and staff-specific benefits

  • Faculty: Ensure consistency and equity in your search process using comprehensive candidate pool diversity analytics.
  • Staff: Empower strategic decision-making and institutional efficiency through actionable insights derived from your talent management data.

Meaningful compliance insights

  • Intuitively analyze hiring practices by position type using EEOC guidelines.

  • Enable all users to better understand the meaning and value of adverse impact insights without enduring stressful, time-consuming calculations.

  • Pinpoint diversity breakdowns in your hiring workflow with precision.

Data visualizations

  • Quickly transform hundreds of thousands of data points into a handful of meaningful patterns using filters and visual representations.
  • Drill into the details of your voluntary demographic information or zoom out to assess the big picture.
  • Visualize your data wherever you are, using your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Data security

  • Administrators can deny or allow access and functionality to specific users, maintaining data security at all times.

Rich analysis

  • Give nontechnical users with the ability to quickly access data and build business intelligence reports.

  • Develop quantifiable, focused HR programs using powerful, self-service dashboards.
  • Dashboards are web-based, so key stakeholders can access and monitor the same reports without downloading any files.
  • Set up automatic alerts with links to important reports so key stakeholders stay informed throughout your hiring process.

Monitor compliance.​

“When we looked at data on our adjunct faculty in terms of the roles they’ve historically performed, we realized they might qualify for benefits. We wanted to make sure we were following our own policies, in addition to following the federal requirements, to make sure benefits are appropriate for that category of employee.”​

Ricardo Coronado, Ph.D.​
Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources​
Tarrant County College

Measure effectiveness.​

​“The more data we have, the better we can see where people are applying from. This shows what advertisements are effective.”​

Lyndi Wittekiend​
Faculty Employment Manager​
Texas State University

Easy to use & understand.​

​“Not every university has someone who can understand how to collect data and put it into a format that will be easily understood by upper leadership. But the Analytics module can produce a beautiful little report without all the legwork on the backend. Anyone can use and understand their data in Analytics.”​

Shannon Phillips​
Assistant Director of Technology and Compensation Specialist​
University of Arkansas

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