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Who is PeopleAdmin?

The leader in cloud-based talent management solutions for education and government

At PeopleAdmin, we understand that education and government are critical to a successful and prosperous society. That’s why we take seriously our role in helping them attract, develop and retain talented employees who contribute to their missions.

By providing innovative solutions designed to meet the unique needs of higher education and government, PeopleAdmin enables customers to streamline hiring processes, onboard new employees, efficiently manage positions and employee performance, develop compliant and defensible audit trails, and utilize industry-leading reporting and data-driven predictive analytics.

Empowering Customers

We provide solutions that empower customers to…

  • Save time and decrease costs associated with talent management.

  • Improve candidate communication and selection.

  • Increase staff productivity and engagement.

  • Fulfill their missions by placing employees in the right roles and equipping them to succeed.

How we serve you…

In addition to providing innovative solutions, we pride ourselves on delivering superior service and support. We are responsive and flexible, and provide expert guidance for all your talent management needs.

PeopleAdmin has a deep commitment to customer satisfaction and collaborative, long-term partnerships. Our customers often say that PeopleAdmin “just gets it.” That kind of feedback is music to our ears, and we believe it’s a key reason why our organization and our customers will continue to succeed.



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