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Faculty Information System

Faculty Information System allows faculty to track and maintain their own professional story, while also enabling each institution to use that data to connect work, committees, and more to better align with their organization’s vision and goals.

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No Payments in 2020

In response to the impact being made by the COVID-19 pandemic, PeopleAdmin is offering Faculty Information System for no payment until 2021. Maintaining accurate, up-to-date information is even more critical to the success of colleges and universities while working remotely. Annual activity reporting, accreditation, promotion, and tenure reviews demand solutions while economic pressure has limited institutions’ access to necessary software.

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Tell your institution’s story one faculty member at a time.

We provide a platform for the full lifecycle of faculty from hiring and onboarding, to professional development, to achieving a promotion or tenure. We remove the time-consuming task of administrators, deans and leadership tracking, compiling, and reporting on faculty activity. FIS executes these critical functions providing your faculty time to focus on research, teaching, and service.



  • Maintain complete control over CV template categories, style, and format.

  • Design unlimited CV templates to match standards by school, department or even an individual.
  • Configure data-entry proxies and assign permissions and scope as needed.


  • Canned reporting options easily compile essential accreditation reports.
  • Filterable dashboards highlight achievements and pinpoint improvements.
  • Define activity submission and storage parameters to align with reporting needs.


  • Holistic view of service, research, teaching, professional development, and more, ensures a complete view of faculty productivity.
  • Integrations with online citation software, HRIS providers and others eliminate duplicate data entry.
  • Part of a suite of higher education solutions that empowers faculty to manage hiring, onboarding, professional development and activity tracking tasks from a single solution.


  • Integration with PeopleAdmin Hire applicant tracking system streamlines the initial entry of CV content.
  • Enter activity with just a few clicks or via an integration.
  • Quickly and easily add users and adjust as your institution grows.
  • Implement in just a few weeks.

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