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Easily manage recruiting and hiring activities, including job postings, search committees, confidential letters of reference, and EEO reporting.

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PeopleAdmin Hire
PeopleAdmin Hire
Automate talent management activities to simplify hiring, increase efficiency and achieve your academic mission

With increased competition among higher education institutions to hire and retain top faculty and a diverse workforce, you can’t afford to take chances. You need proven, trusted tools to help recruit, assess and hire the best talent.

PeopleAdmin’s Hire is higher education’s leading talent management solution, with powerful reporting capabilities and unrivaled support for sophisticated academic processes, including features designed to meet the unique needs of faculty and staff.

Hundreds of colleges and universities use Hire’s recruiting and hiring workflows to move swiftly, provide human resources teams with complete oversight, empower search committee efficiency and fulfill compliance audit requests.

Current recruiting and hiring processes hinder higher education success
PeopleAdmin Hire


Positive candidate experience

  • Customize your mobile-friendly job site to fit your institution’s brand.
  • Reach applicants where they are through integrations with social media sites and job boards, such as LinkedIn and Vitae.
  • Engage candidates through automated, configurable communication when a newly posted position of interest becomes available.

  • Simplify the applicant experience with resume parsing and easy mobile uploads.
  • Target internal candidates with advancement opportunities


  • Integrations with higher education-focused job boards, recruitment services and background check solutions.
  • Platform-agnostic integration with your HRIS.
  • Integration with HERC and DirectEmployers, allowing you to target diverse candidates.


  • Anytime, anywhere access allows users to easily view and approve applicants, hiring proposals, and more.

Reporting and analytics

  • Custom reporting engine designed in collaboration with North Carolina State University, the University of Arkansas, Rutgers University and other higher education institutions.
  • Library of standard reports with the ability to save your own reports to view later.
  • Meaningful visual representations make it easy to interpret data.
  • Automated reports — schedule and send real-time custom reports to key stakeholders on your schedule: weekly, nightly, monthly … it’s up to you.

Faculty- and staff-specific benefits

  • Faculty: Simplify search committee activities and adjunct hiring with evaluative criteria, guest user access to candidates, flexible workflows, and confidential letters of reference.

  • Staff: Easily manage recruiting and hiring activities with passive candidate engagement tools, social media and job board integrations, EEO reporting, and mobile access.

  • Store and share commitee notes directly within the application

Flexible and configurable

  • Support for the complex, multidepartment structures typical in higher education.
  • Unique posting forms and workflows for each position type.
  • Customizable evaluation criteria, with ranking framework for each posting.
  • Supplemental question library designed to help you quickly screen candidates.
  • Three separate workflows for posting a job, tracking applicants and creating a hiring proposal to serve the distinct needs of each process.

  • Flexible permission structure to ensure confidentiality and clarify ownership.
  • Strong search committee and collaboration capabilities, such as creating a search committee for each posting with a few clicks, assigning chairs, and monitoring special handling instructions or other candidate documentation.
Modern image.​

​“Hire has helped demonstrate that we’re both driven by a meaningful, historical mission and are cutting-edge. It gets our mission out cleaner, clearer and with a more modern image to show that our brand is relevant and fresh.”​

Rebecca Kangas​
Interim Director of Human Resources​
Huston-Tillotson University

Increase reach.​

​“Hire’s social recruiting integration helps us stay relevant. It has allowed our faculty and staff to share postings, strengthen our community and increase our reach.” ​

Caris Friberg​
Talent Acquisition Specialist​
Gonzaga University

Better first impression.​

​“The branding configurability in Hire allows us to really emphasize the institution and doesn’t push the PeopleAdmin brand. Using our own branding for the applicant portal helps us make a better first impression.” ​

Brian K. Dickens, Ph.D.​
Vice President of Human Resources​
Ithaca College

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PeopleAdmin SimpleHire

PeopleAdmin SimpleHire
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