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Deliver a personalized, seamless onboarding experience that engages new hires by automating documentation and logistics.

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PeopleAdmin Onboard
PeopleAdmin Onboard
A better way to welcome new faculty and staff

Building an empowered, engaged and capable workforce starts long before a new hire walks through your institution’s door. Make a great first impression with comprehensive onboarding processes designed to seamlessly welcome new adjuncts, full-time faculty and staff.

PeopleAdmin’s Onboard enables colleges and universities to maintain compliance without the added stress of paper processes, freeing hiring managers and HR teams to focus on personalized communications and meaningful, development-driven activities.

With Onboard, new employees are up to speed and ready to fill their roles quickly, so they can spend more time supporting student achievement.

Why is strategic onboarding important?​
PeopleAdmin Onboard


Easy-to-use employee portal

  • Increase new hire engagement and reduce time-to-contribution with a well-branded, efficient onboarding experience.

  • Simplify the new hire process by providing a user-friendly online portal where new hires can complete important activities, such as signing their W-4s and I-9s.

Administrative oversight

  • Proactively monitor onboarding processes and reduce bottlenecks.
  • Ensure new hire compliance by monitoring the completion of all mandated tasks and activities online.

Faculty- and staff-specific benefits

  • Faculty: Equitable access to all resources available for adjuncts, lecturers and faculty.

  • Faculty: Tenure track faculty complete ‘paperwork’ electronically.

  • Faculty: Complete control over programs, including ability to design and assign one or more programs depending on a faculty member’s position(s).

  • Staff: Deliver a personalized, seamless onboarding experience that engages new hires by automating documentation and logistics.

Configurations and flexibility

  • Create a lasting, positive impression on each new hire by providing a seamless, personalized welcoming experience.
  • Address the complex needs of each department or campus by defining unique activities and tasks for each new hire scenario.
So much easier.​

​“Hire and Onboard make the hiring process so much easier. New hires can complete and submit forms electronically. If mistakes were made, we send it back and they make the correction. It’s wonderful.”​

Tyra Phillips​
Applicant Tracking Coordinator​
University of Central Arkansas

User-friendly interface.​

​“We are mindful of the onboarding experience, so new hires and our team ​can see what needs to be completed so ​that employees can be up and running ​faster. Onboard lets us do that with a ​user-friendly interface.”​

Wendy Haynes​
Manager of Compensation and Recruitment​
Tarleton State University

New hires love it.​

​“We replaced our paper-based new hire process with Onboard, where ​everything’s 100 percent electronic. ​Our new hires love it. They keep telling us: ‘Wow! That was so easy!’”​

Nancy Crowell​
Assistant HR Director for Employment​
Appalachian State University

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