PeopleAdmin Performance

Develop and facilitate a performance management process that advances the higher education mission.

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PeopleAdmin Performance
PeopleAdmin Performance
Empower team members to advance the institutional mission through meaningful evaluation and development processes

It’s no secret that building a highly skilled workforce means thinking beyond just recruiting — it requires nurturing and retaining the skilled faculty and staff you already have. That process begins with personalized faculty and staff evaluation and development plans that encourage individual growth and achievement of organizational goals.

Recognizing that effective development programs can be challenging to implement, difficult to manage and stressful to maintain, PeopleAdmin’s Performance is a simple, easy-to-use tool that automates the technical aspects of performance management.

With Performance, colleges and universities can empower departments to design programs that meet their specific performance goals. And HR has visibility into every process, every step of the way.

Why is a future-focused performance management process critical?​
PeopleAdmin Performance



  • Configurable performance management programs fit your institution’s unique requirements and practices.

  • Eligibility management lets HR control which employees are included in each program.
  • Concurrent program eligibility allows you to enter new employees in annual or focal review programs while in the new hire probationary program.
  • System-scored, unscored or manually scored evaluations.
  • Ratings most convenient for you — whole numbers, decimals or banded scoring.

Task management

  • Program task scheduling and sequencing by due date or by prerequisite tasks.
  • Task reminders and completion tracking.
  • Form acknowledgments and approvals.

Faculty- and staff-specific benefits

  • Faculty: Encourage ongoing faculty development with annual planning, evaluations and documentation using automated notes and attachments.
  • Staff: Easily develop and facilitate a performance management process that advances the higher education mission.


  • Employee portal gives all employees easy, private access to their evaluation feedback and personal progress notes.
  • Personalized dashboards for HR and supervisors to review overall program status, monitor details such as task ownership and progress, or take action.

  • Review history shows who made each change, what the change was and when it was made.
  • Printer-friendly views accommodate processes that require paper copies.

Continuity and relevance

  • Capture and share lightweight, regular, bidirectional feedback with easy-to-use progress notes that can later be attached to reviews.

  • New employees are pulled directly into a review program based on predefined eligibility.
  • Objectives from the previous evaluation keep each employee on a growth trajectory.
  • Document attachments provide additional information and context.
  • Scheduled check-in meetings keep employees on track with goals.
  • HR annotations provide guidance to supervisors, as needed.
Facilitate conversations.​

​“Performance is configurable, and our questions and forms facilitate conversations around growing and developing. It is really set up like a planning tool. That’s far more useful than having a ​tit-for-tat over the past.”​

Jennifer Derry​
Director of Training and Staff Development​
Villanova University

Reinforce feedback.​​

​“Using PeopleAdmin’s Performance makes it easy to enter comments and ratings during or after conversations. This reinforces that feedback is important, and that it’s all about success, not just documentation.”​

Emily Wilson​
Professional Development Coordinator​
Appalachian State University

Eliminate disconnect.​

​“Tying our onboarding strategy to our performance management strategy reduces the risk for errors. It also eliminates the disconnect between the expectations of the position and the actual employee review.”​

Brian K. Dickens, Ph.D.​
Vice President of Human Resources​
Ithaca College

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