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Easily maintain accurate, up-to-date job descriptions, classifications, and position frameworks to support the entire employee life cycle.

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PeopleAdmin Positions
PeopleAdmin Positons
Enjoy streamlined position management processes with a flexible solution designed for higher education

A transparent, configurable job classification system and quality position frameworks are key to an effective talent management strategy. But cumbersome, paperwork-heavy position management processes can get in the way.

PeopleAdmin’s Positions is purpose-built to streamline these processes, freeing talent management teams, faculty and staff to focus on other critical tasks.

Positions’ highly configurable permissions improve transparency and accountability by helping control who can view and edit position descriptions. The process of editing position descriptions can even be customized to meet the unique needs of each position type, ensuring every update goes through the appropriate approvals and captures the right information.

Integrations between Positions and Hire solutions further simplify and streamline the entire talent management life cycle, empowering teams to refocus attention on other critical tasks.

What’s the cost of poor position management?​
PeopleAdmin Positions


Position descriptions

  • Map position descriptions to supervisory positions to better understand your organizational structure.
  • Customize workflows to ensure that position changes are managed appropriately.
  • Manage a title classification library to easily create position descriptions or requisitions.
  • Allow designated users to create new position description records for review and approval.
  • Initiate position description reclassification requests.

Powerful integrations

  • Seamlessly integrate position descriptions with job requisitions.
  • Ensure job postings reflect your organizational needs as they are today, not as they were when you last filled the position.

  • Automatically align individual performance reviews with the job duties listed in each employee’s position description.


  • Anytime, anywhere access allows users to easily view and approve position requests.
  • Computer, tablet and smartphone compatible.

Faculty- and staff-specific benefits

  • Faculty: Request, manage and approve new lines (or positions) and easily track who is in what role.
  • Staff: Easily maintain accurate, up-to-date job descriptions, classifications and position frameworks to support the entire employee life cycle.

Auditable and defensible

  • Review position description audit information and track changes over time.
  • Maintain position information to enable benchmarking against internal and industry standards to build a fair and defensible compensation plan.
So efficient.​

​“Positions keeps us going, but also helps us note where we’re being held back. It’s so efficient, I think our departments take it for granted.”​

Brock Sizer​
HRIS Manager
University of Pittsburgh​

Promotions and transfers.​

​“Getting rid of outdated processes really put us in a better place. With Positions, managing promotions and transfers is much easier. We’re subject to things like open records and now we can go back and look at the history of a position, transfer or promotion and show exactly what happened.”​

LynnAnn Brewer​
Employment Manager​
Texas State University

Defensible compensation.​

​“Positions helps hiring managers understand who the best candidate might be for the position, which is great because at the end of the day that’s what’s most defensible.”​

Chris Wolf​
Technical Expert​
The University of Arizona

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